+... learn the rules like a Pro .. and break them like an Artist ... +


The challenge once again ..

going against the grain..

Trying something new..

Attempting to create something out of nothing..

Why not!

Be weird.. be different.. be you.

Focus has mainly been on silhouettes. Shapes out of cardstock. Reverse painting and cacography.

I had difficulty creating this challenge.

Sometimes getting out of your head is not an easy thing to accomplish!

Here's to a New Year.. with new and exciting beginnings!

'I am always doing that
which I cannot
do. In order
that I may learn how
to do it.'
-Pablo Picasso

Don't forget!

The 'virtual' art expo is now "live" (personally I would have done a few things differently.. but what do I know lol)

Happy Hallows...

Awesome challenge from Silke once again!
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 Mixed Media Journal Page

A start-to-finish of how I created a 2 page spread in my journal. Enjoy!

On my work table..

Soft pastels over hand-drawn leaves with grid-like patterns on journal page.

"Life damages, everyone. We can't escape the damage. But now, I am learning this: we can be mended. We mend each other." - Tobias
This resonated with me today. Take care of you!

Just finished abstract pages in my Journal. Started with black and worked with layers and added lighter colors. Opposite color contrast within the figures.
Think it came out great. May just do this again!

'' Every Day may not be good...
but there is something Good in Every Day! ''
~ Now that sounds good to me!!!

Work in Progress... acrylics using only a palette knife -- acrylics with 'rust' effect -- using shimmer paints -- using pastels on black cardstock - awesome!!

Personal Challenge - products included were - tacky when dry gel medium, allandcreate, prosilk card, studiolight nl, distress paint pistachio, icraft foil - jade, mini ink pad gold, Nuvo mousse, Tim Holtz stencils, wooden flowers and word stickers

latest experiments . . .

It's been a while..

Times are changing and life is challenging.
I hope to bring some color into your life and lift your spirit ~ even only for a short while.